Welcome to Lichtenheldt-Glas!

The Lichtenheldt-Glas corporation was founded by the owner Bert Lichtenheldt himself in Thuringia back in 1990. He is a studied glass blower for industrial devices and has got a master for technical glass building.

The traditional glass blowing craft is now maintained by us in the fourth generation.

Innovation, creativity and the steady development of new product lines were the most essential parts during the setup of the company and they are still belonging to the philosophy of the business.

Due to the commitment of highly motivated and extremly creative employees in the glass-blowing patch as well as the designing and the painting sections, a valuable product range was achieved.

Lichtenheldt-Glas is producing hand-blown, hand-crafted and hand-painted glass artificials in more than 2000 varieties.

Quality and customer's satisfaction is our highest priority.

At our factory sale in OberweiƟbach you can find a sophisticated and huge range of lightmills as well as the most beautiful gifts for everybody.

Here you can witness the traditional glass-blowing craft first-hand. You even are able to blow and colour your own glass bubble.

We would appreciate your visit in our store.

Discover the unique diversity of painting in our product Discover the unique diversity of painting in our product catalog.


Glass craftsmanship in perfection!

Modern gifts traditionally produced.